I’m a shopaholic, no doubt about it but hey, it’s better to acknowledge your faults than to live in denial lol.

I mean I struggle to go into a shop and come out empty handed, especially when it comes to kid’s clothes. Somebody ban me please, you’d be doing my purse strings and I a huge favour. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not a reckless spender, I’m just attracted to sparkly new objects. I guess, religiously there are some underlying issues I could and should work on since after all materialistic objects don’t bring long-term happiness. But before I get off topic let’s return to the issue at hand.

So here I was earlier on today, staring at this mess in front of me. Some of the items I found, I hadn’t even seen since I’d bought them, oopss. Which is not all my fault, the joys of small London flats and the limited storage they offer.  Anyway today was the day I finally sorted through the chest of drawers and decided enough was enough, it’s time to declutter.

So I went about sorting the clothes into three piles;

  • Keep – I was amazed at how many pieces I found that the kids and I had never worn.
  • CharityMy mum will be sending some of the kid’s clothes over to Nigeria so that my grandma can give them to those less fortunate and their winter clothes will be given to my local charity shop.
  • Rubbish – Sometimes you just have to let things go even if it is your favourite pair of jeans which may be now causing a bit too much chafing. After all, you can’t give away things you wouldn’t be happy receiving.


Now that’s all done, I’m officially the owner of three neatly organised chest of drawers. Let’s just forget that there are still two wardrobes to get through but that’s a matter for another Sunday. But maybe I gave one of you the motivation you needed for a little bit of spring cleaning.

So now I have to ask, how often do you all declutter? And how do you go about, creating that extra storage space?





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